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photography Contest
"I was really very impressed by the quality of the photographs! To be placed in the same league as all these talented photographers was the next best thing to receiving your great manuscript and getting the bragging rights with friends and family! Again thanks for all this!" -Carlos S, San Diego

"Thank you so much for the manuscript! I was amazed at how well my photographs were rendered! The manuscript is proudly displayed on my coffee table in the living room because it just makes me feel great and proud about my work and photographs. I really appreciate what you are doing to the amateur photography community!" -Yaciara O, Miami

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Photo Contest



photography Contest

" I used Photo contest as a reference for all the great articles you have on writing and on how to get published. The manuscript is great and always a joy to show to friends and family. Thank you!" - John C, Seattle


"What a great idea to finally have a platform for amateur photographers to showcase their work and get feedback! So a big thank you for your contribution to the photography community and for letting amateur and professional photographers showcase their work and get encouragements!" - John R, Dallas

Photo Contest



photography Contest



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